Security Products Magazine Digital Edition - January 2017

January 2017

  • Understanding Interoperability
  • Detecting and Mitigating
  • Protecting Our Water Supply
  • Today's Technology - An Insider's View
  • Streamlining Arena Security


Detecting And Mitigating

Detecting And Mitigating

Search for the key that will minimize risk

By Don Campbell

Insider threat has become an increasingly prevalent concern for organizations, and the damage from breaches caused by current or former employees, contractors or partners misusing access credentials can be devastating.

Understanding Interoperability

Understanding Interoperability

Today’s travel has changed dramatically

By Robert P. Mitchell

Since 9/11, travel through the world’s busiest airports has changed dramatically. Security professionals are focused on extensive security investments to protect these “Soft Targets” from threats, including terrorist attacks, crime, theft and vandalism.

Today's Technology - An Insider's View

By Ralph C. Jensen

Video surveillance permeates our lives today; it is part of a changing world. We recently sat down with Jeff Whitney, vice president of marketing for megapixel camera manufacturer Arecont Vision to get an industry insider’s view on where the video surveillance market is today, how we got here, where we can expect it go in the near future, and what his own company is doing to keep up.

Protecting Our Water Supply

Protecting Our Water Supply

Disruptions could shut down businesses, harm economy

By Bruce Czerwinski

Maintaining the security of our nation’s water supplies is serious business. Attacks from a lone vandal to a team of foreign terrorists could, within hours, result in widespread illness or economic disruption.


Industry Focus

Lack of Ethics is a Problem

By Ralph C. Jensen

The pharmaceutical industry is a business exposed to many unique risks. Attaining capital, investing in intensive research and development, the uncertainty of FDA approval and the constant shroud of legislative risks are merely some of the many significant challenges that innovative pharmaceutical companies regularly face.

Streamlining Arena Security

Industry Vertical

Streamlining Arena Security

Security should be sharing the limelight in a packed house

By Mark McCormack

Frustrated with a faulty analog security setup, Chicago’s United Center set out to raise their technology standards and centralize operations through a network system.

Industry Professional

Deterring Fraud and Theft

Reliable, user intuitive platform was an absolute must for massive luxury auto dealership in Texas

By Steve Birkmeier

There is an old saying about how everything is bigger in Texas, and in the case of Lexus of Lakeway, the expression certainly rings true.

Dealer Strategies

ADT Announces New Home Security and Automation Integration with Amazon Alexa

ADT customers will be able to integrate home automation skills with Amazon Alexa.

Confidence through An Alternative Defense

Confidence through An Alternative Defense

After the Sandy Hook shooting, something needed to be done

By Sydny Shepard

The headlines were horrifying, evoking emotion from anyone who was reading them on December 15, 2012, the day after Adam Lanza fatally shot and killed 20 elementary school students and 6 adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School. While the tragic event was over, it will never be forgotten.

Planning Ahead

Opportunities in the new year

By Barbara Holliday

One of the most important things that you can do at the start of a new year is to refine your business plan with both short and long-term goals.

Increasing Profits

Increasing Profits

Reducing and managing non-productive labor

By Brad Stevens

In our last contributed article, Anixter examined the topic of “Sourcing to Become a Leaner Organization.” Here we take a look at another important component of increasing profitability—Reducing and Managing Non-Productive Labor.

Get Back To Normal

Get Back To Normal

A relationship with automated standard operating procedures

By Zebedeo Peña

In an ideal world, security personnel would never be faced with making quick decisions in difficult situations. They would not have to respond to incidents or emergencies because such things would not occur.

Campus Security & Life Safety

Extraordinary Protection

Audio and video surveillance system helps protect students with special needs

By Alan Morris

Following several high-profile incidents alleging abuse special needs students (including some non-communicative students), and the activism of a number of parent groups in the state of texas, governor greg abbott signed texas senate bill 507, requiring districts to install audio and video surveillance equipment into select special education classrooms when requested.

What You Need To Know

Schools keep close track of students with proper identification

By Maged Atiya

Being in school every day is vital for a student’s success, and with state funding associated with attendance, it is also vital that school districts keep close track of when students are in school and when they are not.

Plan Of Action

Campuses can provide prominent crime deterrents

By Molly Walsh

As concerns for campus safety rapidly rise within higher education communities, it is important to implement a proactive plan as the first step to acknowledging your security needs.

How Safe Is Your Campus?

Consider strong access control systems

By Minu Youngkin

Effective campus security consists of more than just a budget line-item and the proverbial “knocking on wood” in today’s day and age.

Class Is In Session

Class Is In Session

Building a strong solution for K-12 schools

By Russell Ost

Students and the facilities in which they attend classes face more threats in today’s society than at any other point in history.

Leveraging Data

Leveraging Data

Data from access control system may drive future security decisions

By Dave Bhattacharjee

Campus security, both in a corporate and higher education setting, can be improved by leveraging data from access control systems to drive future security decisions.

Conquering A Feeding Frenzy

Conquering A Feeding Frenzy

Pensacola Christian College gets students to meals quickly by employing custom-made turnstiles

By Tracie Thomas

Pensacola christian college (pcc), in northwest florida, is located just off the warm emerald waters of florida’s gulf coast. pcc became a reality in 1974 when 100 students arrived at the college’s one building.

The Building Blocks

By Brandon Reich

Educational institutions face an increasing risk environment. recent high-profile incidents emphasize these risks and magnify the vulnerabilities that educational facilities face. this has led to an increase in public demand for improved security solutions across campuses.

Protecting Outdoor Spaces

Protecting Outdoor Spaces

Criminals are aware of unsafe zones during the night

By Bruce Czerwinski

College and university campuses have hundreds— even thousands—of outdoor acres to secure, from parking lots to exercise trails. however, many of the standard security solutions— locks, access control and intrusion alarms—used to protect the indoor environment have little impact outdoors.

New Solutions To Securing A Campus

How military and intelligence practices can aid in campus security

By Benjamin Bryant

At first blush, the concept of bringing military operational and intelligence know-how to campus security may seem strange.


New Products

  • QCS7230 System-on-Chip (SoC)

    QCS7230 System-on-Chip (SoC)

    The latest Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence Platform offers next-generation smart camera IoT solutions to improve safety and security across enterprises, cities and spaces. The Vision Intelligence Platform was expanded in March 2022 with the introduction of the QCS7230 System-on-Chip (SoC), which delivers superior artificial intelligence (AI) inferencing at the edge. 3

  • Camden CM-221 Series Switches

    Camden CM-221 Series Switches

    Camden Door Controls is pleased to announce that, in response to soaring customer demand, it has expanded its range of ValueWave™ no-touch switches to include a narrow (slimline) version with manual override. This override button is designed to provide additional assurance that the request to exit switch will open a door, even if the no-touch sensor fails to operate. This new slimline switch also features a heavy gauge stainless steel faceplate, a red/green illuminated light ring, and is IP65 rated, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use as part of an automatic door or access control system. ValueWave™ no-touch switches are designed for easy installation and trouble-free service in high traffic applications. In addition to this narrow version, the CM-221 & CM-222 Series switches are available in a range of other models with single and double gang heavy-gauge stainless steel faceplates and include illuminated light rings. 3

  • AC Nio

    AC Nio

    Aiphone, a leading international manufacturer of intercom, access control, and emergency communication products, has introduced the AC Nio, its access control management software, an important addition to its new line of access control solutions. 3