Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - November December 2021

November / December 2021

  • Navigating System Integration
  • Cashing in on Your VMS System
  • Encryption and Compliance
  • Digital Transformation
  • Money in the Bank

Cover Story

Navigating System Integration

Navigating System Integration

There is a plan for sales and marketing in a modern-day environment

By Erin Harrington

Super savvy security systems integrators are proficient in the latest and greatest technological advances. They are very skilled when specifying the most cutting-edge video surveillance and analytics capabilities, remote access advances, cyber secure solutions, and more.


Protecting Premises and People

Integrated security systems also keeps an eye on assets and processes

By Dave Karsch

To ease cost pressures, facility operators must find ways to improve a variety of elements within their buildings, including their security system.

A Modern Threat

A Modern Threat

Utilities require state-of-the-art surveillance tools

By Michael Shipley

Whether it is water, electricity, gas, oil or even telecommunications and transportation hubs, critical infrastructure facilities present unique challenges for security professionals.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Five access control trends to watch for in the coming year

By Stephen Carney

The global pandemic accelerated a worldwide digital transformation that has simultaneously reduced or eliminated physical touchpoints and in-person contact.

Post Pandemic Environment

Post Pandemic Environment

Consumers are embracing benefits of Omni channel retailing

By Sean Foley

Over the last year and a half, the retail industry has undergone massive changes. Retailers of all sizes have shown extraordinary resilience and creativity by reshaping their business models and operations.

The Body-worn Evolution

The Body-worn Evolution

How the integration of wearable video and VMS is enabling new situational awareness across an enterprise

By Jason Ouellette

What once began as technology typically reserved and embraced by law enforcement, wearable video continues to find applications and use-cases in a host of new verticals and industries.

Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank

Protecting financial Institutions through cyber resilient physical security

By David Uberig

We have all read or heard about incidents of cybercrime targeting government and commercial entities to compromise services or harvest information. As you can image, financial institutions are a primary target for attack.

Yesterday’s Hype

Yesterday’s Hype

How analytics has become today’s reality

By Robert Muehlbauer

Let’s admit it. When analytics first hit the market, they got off to a rocky start. Lots of hype, and high expectations. When it came to delivering on those promises, their performance often fell short of the mark.

Encryption and Compliance

Top 5 regulatory trends in relating to USB drives

By Richard Kanadjian

Throughout time, securing the data in our communications with others has always been a major concern. Perhaps the prehistoric men or woman, were the only civilization in history that didn’t have to worry about someone getting their hands on someone else’s messages.

Today’s “Eyes and Ears”

Today’s “Eyes and Ears”

Technology keeps government and military facilities safer than ever

By John Merlino

Action movies like White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years. Like all action movies, they have a high degree of entertainment value, but what sets them apart is the setting.



Security Breached at 38,000 Feet

By Ralph C. Jensen

During the week of Halloween, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines were the latest to have to deal with “domestic terrorism” at 38,000 feet. Where does this behavior come from?


Smart Security Solutions

By Jason Burrow

The pandemic has impacted enterprises across nearly every single market sector. Sudden shutdowns, supply chain disruptions, labor shortages and an uptick in violent crime have each wreaked havoc on businesses large and small in the United States, and all over the globe.

New Products

  • PACE® Long Range Ethernet Solutions

    PACE® Long Range Ethernet Solutions

    Altronix introduces the newest addition to its portfolio of PACE® Long Range Ethernet Solutions. 3

  • ComNet NW1 Gen 4

    ComNet NW1 Gen 4

    ComNet, Communication Networks, is announcing the introduction of its Generation 4 line of NetWave® wireless products that offer greater performance and increased stability in applications where throughput and increased bandwidth is increasingly important. 3

  • Camden Door Controls Application Spec Guide

    Camden Door Controls Application Spec Guide

    Camden Door Controls, an industry-leading provider of innovative, high quality door activation and locking products, has published a new application spec guide for specification writers designing a wireless barrier-free restroom control system. 3