San Antonio Mall Shooting Leaves 1 Dead, 3 Injured

San Antonio Mall Shooting Leaves 1 Dead, 3 Injured

A robbery inside a San Antonio mall turned deadly after two Good Samaritans tried to stop a pair of thieves, leaving one person dead and three others injured.

Police Chief William McManus said two suspects attempted to rob a jewelry store inside the mall when they were approached by a Good Samaritan trying to stop them. The person was shot and killed.

As the suspects fled, a second Good Samaritan, who was carrying a concealed firearm, struck the robber who had killed the person who intervened. He was arrested at the scene.

The other suspect took off for the parking lot, discharging his weapon inside the mall, hitting a man and a woman nearby. They were taken to the hospital.

That suspect was found inside a stolen vehicle that had crashed not too far away from the mall.

“What we have here is a robbery gone really, really bad,” McManus said during a press conference. He called the shooting “absolutely senseless.”

Details including the names and ages of the suspects have not been released yet.

The Good Samaritan that was fatally shot was a retired Marine, who was visiting the jewelry store with his wife to get their wedding rings cleaned, according to a GoFundMe page for the man.

Two other people, a woman complaining of chest pains and a pregnant woman who had labor pains, were also taken to the hospital.

The condition of those in the hospital who were shot has not been released.

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